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Extract from the exhibition at the Lefevre gallery in November 1951 - 'Since a common field of reference no longer exists, it is appropriate for a painter to explain the symbolism he uses. The Aesthetic and the emotional both being of importance in the present case, symbols have a double value. For example, umbrellas are interesting objects in themselves to paint, but they symbolise also the inadequate beliefs under which men attempt to shelter from the growing storm of despair. The clown gives an excuse for full draperies and the varied colours and patterns of the circus. He is, as well, the image of frustration, fighting battles of nothing, attempting a leap forward but doing a back-somersault instead'.

Veronica As Clown, 1950

Record Number: NELNG : 1991.7
Title: --
Full name: Oil Painting
Person: Armstrong, John, Mr, A.R.A.
Date: 1950