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Portrait of Stanley Gardiner, 1945

Oil on canvas

Richard Copeland Weatherby

1881 - 1953

Known to his friends as Seal, Weatherby was one of the famous horse-racing family, who have been operating the Race Book since 1770. His dual passions for horses and attractive women are reflected in his paintings, which capture both with vigour and charm.



Richard Copeland Weatherby - 1881 - 1953

R.C. Weatherby, known to his friends as ‘Seal’, came from a horse-racing family. He studied art in Paris before coming to join the artists’ colony in Newlyn.

The exact date of his arrival in Cornwall is unknown, but he was sharing a studio in Newlyn with fellow artist Geoffrey Garnier by 1914. Weatherby is most associated with Lamorna artists and was a frequent visitor to the valley, although he did not reside there at any time.

Being of independent means, Weatherby did not depend on income from sales of paintings, but he nevertheless exhibited 40 times at the Royal Academy and also showed at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of British Artists.

His paintings are characterised by the vigorous brushwork employed by many of his friends and contemporaries. His work is often likened to that of Sir Alfred Munnings, who was a close friend. Both men were keen riders and brought their horses to Cornwall with them, stabling them at Trengwainton.

Having been a popular and charming bachelor for many years, Weatherby was married late in life to Karenza Boscawen, the daughter of Canon Boscawen of Ludgvan.

For more information, see 'In Field and Stable: The Life and Work of Richard 'Seal' Weatherby', David Bradfield, published by Sansom & Co (ISBN 978-1-904537-65-6)