Penlee House Gallery & Museum, Penzance
The artistic heart of West Cornwall's history

Lanching the Lifeboat

oil on canvas, The George Bednar Donation

Caroline Graham

1868 - 1954

Very little is known about Caroline St. Clair Graham, but she exhibited from a Newlyn address in 1913, and may have been a student at the Forbes School of Painting when this work was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1908.



Caroline Graham - 1868 - 1954

Caroline St. Clair Graham was born in Dursley in Gloucestershire in 1868 and died in Bournemouth on 20 January 1954.  Little is known about the intervening 86 years, but she exhibited 'Launching the Lifeboat' at the Royal Academy in 1908 (a Penzance subject, but sent in from Rednock, Dursley, Glos) and was listed as living in Newlyn in 1913 when she exhibited at the London Salon.

The lifeboat depicted in Penlee House's painting is believed to be the 'Elizabeth and Blanche'.

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